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RO Specialist – Level 1 (ROS1)

$1,270.00 [$1,397.00 (inc. GST)]

Reverse Osmosis Specialist (Foundation – Level 1) online training.

This is a heavily discounted rate for the four modules listed in the description below.

After completion you will qualify for RO Specialist Level 1 Certification.

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Reverse Osmosis Specialist – Level 1

What you will learn:

All RO and high purity water treatment professionals should have the knowledge and proficiencies taught in DHP’s Level 1 online training. This training provides all of the fundamentals required and is the suggested prerequisite to further training (Levels 2 – 4).

This training package consists of the following four online modules:

    • Introduction to Water Treatment (OLC110)
    • Water Treatment Plant Fundamentals (OLC111)
    • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (OLC115)
    • RO Operation and Maintenance (OLC117)

* See details of each module by reviewing each individual listing in our shop.