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Water Treatment Math

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Understand the foundational mathemetics concepts needed to appreciate the basics of water treatment. Learn about different types of contaminants, source waters and different applications for water treatment.

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Water Treatment Mathematics

What you will learn:

Learn the different mathematics skills and knowledge needed to understand the basics of water treatment operation and maintenance.


Five (5) hours of online training.

What you will earn:

David H. Paul, Inc. Certificate upon successfully passing an exam based on the proficiencies learned in this course.


There are five (5) one hour training units for this course.

  1. Whole Numbers, Fractions, & Decimals
  2. Scientific Notation & Significant Figures
  3. Addition & Subtraction
  4. Multiplication & Division
  5. Solving Equations

Ion Exchange: Analysis

    • Whole Numbers, Fractions, & Decimals
    • Introduction
    • Whole Numbers
    • Fractions
    • Fractions As Decimals

Ion Exchange: Analysis

    • Scientific Notation & Significant Figures
    • Numbers Expressed In Scientific Notation
    • Significant Figures
    • Rounding Off Numbers

Ion Exchange: Analysis

    • Addition & Subtraction
    • Introduction
    • Addition: Whole Numbers
    • Addition: Fractions
    • Addition: Decimals
    • Adding Numbers Expressed In Scientific Notation
    • Subtraction: Whole Numbers
    • Subtraction: Fractions
    • Subtraction: Decimals
    • Subtracting Numbers Expressed In Scientific Notation

Ion Exchange: Analysis

    • Multiplication & Division
    • Introduction
    • Multiplication: Whole Numbers
    • Multiplication: Fractions
    • Multiplication: Decimals
    • Multiplication: Numbers Expressed In Scientific Notation
    • Division: Whole Numbers
    • Division: Fractions
    • Division: Decimals
    • Division: Numbers Expressed In Scientific Notation

Ion Exchange: Analysis

    • Solving Equations
    • Introduction
    • Equations
    • Equations With Unknowns
    • Units Of Measurement Conversions
    • Addition/Subtraction Equations
    • Multiplication/Division Equations
    • Service technicians
    • More